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Epoxy Flooring Experts in Brisbane

Looking for Epoxy Flooring installation in Brisbane and surrounding areas?

The team at Epoxy Floor Co Brisbane is here to help you, whether it’s for residential coatings for your garage or patio, or commercial applications for your warehouse, retail store or cafe restaurant.

We have the skills and expertise to undertake any form of epoxy floor installation, repair or refurbishment. We invite you to call our team today for your free quote anywhere in Brisbane and surrounds.

Epoxy Flooring Experts in Brisbane


Epoxy flooring is an extremely durable and tough type of polymer-based surface that can be applied on many types of surfaces. This includes concrete, brick, marble, asphalt and other common building materials. The epoxy coating also offers excellent abrasion resistance as well as being resistant to chemicals such as oil or gasoline spills which makes it perfect for industrial and commercial environments.

Epoxy Floor Co Brisbane has been providing epoxy flooring to residential, retail and warehouse/industrial customers in the greater Brisbane area. Our team of experts can help you find a suitable solution no matter how big or small your project might be. Whatever type of surface you are looking to cover with epoxy, our team is here to provide the best service.

Consider investing in new floors for your home

All epoxy floor products are scratch resistant and tough against the wear and tear of everyday life.

Epoxy flooring is an excellent option for many homes, including those with kids or pets.

The epoxy coating on a newly installed epoxy floor also provides added protection from water damage that can easily be caused by plumbing leaks.

Epoxy floors are available in a wide variety of colors so you can find the perfect color for your home

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Our epoxy flooring techniques are perfect for a range of commercial and residential properties. We offer professional advice on the best type of epoxy coating to suit your needs .You can count on our expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining any epoxy surface that you need – whether it be for floors or walls, for your home or office, in a commercial space.

We have delivered the highest quality epoxy flooring solutions to clients all over Brisbane and Australia – whether you need epoxy coating on concrete. We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to meet any schedule and budget.

We are epoxy coating experts in Brisbane – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Why should you use it in your home

Epoxy flooring is a strong and durable coating that provides safe surfaces for people, pets, vehicles and equipment. It can be installed on just about any surface including concrete or wood – meaning you can apply it to your garage floors too! A huge advantage of epoxy coatings over other PVC options is their ability to be waterproof. You can even use epoxy floors in the bathroom or kitchen!

Although epoxy surfaces are tough and durable, they’re surprisingly easy to maintain too. Epoxies don’t require a top coat for protection like carpets do – it comes as part of the coating. This means you won’t need to worry about spills or stains, because the epoxy is guaranteed not to absorb liquid.

It’s also a safe product for children as it contains no harmful vapors and can be installed on any surface in your home including walls- so you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes!


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Epoxy Floor Co is the epoxy flooring experts in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We’re here to provide you with a high quality, dedicated service every step of the way from design, manufacture and installation. Contact us today to find out more.

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