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Epoxy Floor Co is the epoxy flooring experts in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. We're here to provide you with a high quality, dedicated service every step of the way from design, manufacture and installation. Contact us today to find out more.

Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane

Polished Concrete Floors Brisbane

Epoxy Floor Co Brisbane provides a range of services including polished concrete flooring, epoxy coatings and epoxy resins. Polished concrete floors Brisbane Epoxy Coatings from the professionals at Epoxy Floor Co Brisbane. We provide both residential and commercial premises with modern yet cost effective solutions for your business or home.

Advantages of polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors Brisbane are a great option as they don’t require any maintenance. Epoxy Floor Co in Brisbane offers this service with no hassle and low-cost, making it affordable for home owners to enjoy these benefits without breaking the bank. Polished concrete flooring is easier to clean than other surfaces because of its smooth nature which means there is less dirt and dust that can accumulate. Polished concrete floors Brisbane are also very versatile, meaning it can be used for just about any type of room including bedrooms, kitchens or living areas with no problems at all!

Cost effective polished concrete flooring Brisbane

Polished concrete flooring is a low maintenance, high performance surface that provides an elegant finish to any environment. Epoxy Floor Co Brisbane are polished concrete specialists in Brisbane and have years of experience installing glossy floors in a range of commercial premises from office buildings to shopping centers.

Polished concrete flooring for commercial properties

Epoxy Floor Co Brisbane has been supplying and installing epoxy for commercial properties in Brisbane. Polished concrete flooring is not just for the exterior and interior. Polished concrete can be installed in bathrooms as well. Polished concrete is also very good for allergy sufferers because it has better air quality. Polished concrete flooring in your commercial property will provide a clean and beautiful look, while providing the best possible surface to work on.

Why Choose Us

Our epoxy flooring techniques are perfect for a range of commercial and residential properties. We offer professional advice on the best type of epoxy coating to suit your needs .You can count on our expertise in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining any epoxy surface that you need – whether it be for floors or walls, for your home or office, in a commercial space.

We have delivered the highest quality epoxy flooring solutions to clients all over Brisbane and Australia – whether you need epoxy coating on concrete. We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to meet any schedule and budget.

We are epoxy coating experts in Brisbane – we can’t wait to hear from you!